Recognoil®QB – Desktop Surface Cleanliness Checking Instrument

Recognoil®QB is a desktop detector of surface contamination of parts. Objects placed on the measuring table in the box space are irradiated with 24 powerful UV LED emitters. This induces the fluorescence of contaminants, which is captured by a sensitive detector. The rated area is 20 times larger than the Recognoil® 2W and is 60 x 80 mm. dirt and perfect documentation of part contamination.


The whole process of scanning parts is completely contactless, fast and does not require any surface preparation of the part. With the help of the supplied software, it is also possible not only to visualize this data, but also to perform statistical and decision analysis (OK / NOT OK), create protocols or even measure the thicknesses and surface concentrations of oil films. In addition, the device can be connected to the corporate network to connect to existing quality control systems. The construction of the device is modular and can be supplied in several different dimensions.




Suitable for laboratory and production. Thanks to the modular solution, Recognoil® QB can also be used for scanning large parts or as a single-purpose device for inter-operational control performed by operators.



Direct large-area non-contact surface sensing. Dimensions of the scanned area 60 x 80 mm. The ideal tool for inspecting complex and very small parts.



Exposure to UV radiation, but also white light for perfect documentation of parts and accurate localization of impurities. Great for evaluating the homogeneity of cleaned or preserved surfaces.



Possibility to connect to the corporate network using a data cable. Thanks to advanced SW, the possibility of automatic generation of protocols and further data processing.



Device Name: Recognoil® QB
Detection method: non-destructive, optical – completely contactless
Function principle: excitation of impurities by UV radiation and evaluation of the image of their fluorescence intensities
UV wavelength / power: 365 nm / 10,000 mW
Dimensions of the device: 330 x 330 x 330 mm (basic version), the size of the device can be increased according to customer requirements for an additional fee
Size of the evaluated area: 80 x 60 mm
Maximum size of the measured object: 250 x 250 x 150 mm (basic version), the size of the space for the scanned object can be increased at an additional cost according to customer requirements
Scan chip resolution: 1632 x 1232 px. / 1 px. corresponds to approximately 50 μm (SD), 3264 x 2464 px., 25 μm (HD)
Measurement and evaluation time: 1 to max. 10 seconds, depending on the type of greasy dirt and the properties of the base material
Detection limit: minimum area concentration approx. 15 to 70 mg.m-2 (approx. 16 to 77 nm layer thickness), depending on the type of greasy impurity and roughness of the base material, the range can be freely adjusted to a layer thickness of up to approx. 4 – 10 μm
Maximum voltage: 24V DC
Power supply: powered by 230V AC external adapter
Required hardware: PC / laptop / tablet with Windows 7/8/10, not for Android and Mac
Supplied software: Recognoil® PRO – desktop application for MS Windows for operation, setup, evaluation and data management
Device weight: 13 kg