Recognoil®2W – Handheld Surface Cleanliness Checking Instrument

Recognoil® 2W handheld wireless surface cleanliness checking instrument is a great tool for detecting surface contamination with contaminants such as grease, preservatives and lubricants, dust, cutting or cooling fluids, and other substances that come in contact with parts in during their production. The detection itself is based on the principle of inducing fluorescence of contaminants using UV radiation and capturing it using a highly sensitive detector. but also the evaluation of the suitability of the surface for subsequent technological operations.


Recognoil® 2W is commonly used to check the condition of the surface, especially before painting, electroplating, PVD and CVD coating, welding, soldering, gluing or intentional application of oil films during lubrication and preservation.




Information on the contamination of the surface of the object with grease in the form of image data from which the cause of contamination can be easily determined.



“Large-area” sensing of surface contamination. Dimensions of the scanned area 13 x 19 mm. The ideal tool for checking the degreasing of parts.



Objective repeatable evaluations. Significantly eliminates the human factor. Define limits that can be used, for example, for random inspection of parts.



Thanks to the information LED panel, it can be used without the need to connect to a PC. Possibility to set decision criteria OK / NOT OK.



Device name: Recognoil® 2W
Detection method:non-destructive, optical – contactless (the device is placed onto the surface of the object)
Function principle: excitation of impurities by UV radiation and evaluation of the image of their fluorescence intensities
UV wavelength / power: 365 nm / 1,500 mW
Dimensions of the device: 130 x 212 x 34 mm
Evaluated area size: 20 x 13.8 mm
Maximum measured object size: not limited
Scan chip resolution: 1536 x 1056 px / 1 px corresponds to approximately 13 μm
Measurement and evaluation time: 1 to max. 10 seconds, depending on the type of greasy dirt and the properties of the base material
Detection limit: minimum area concentration approx. 15 to 70 mg.m (approx. 16 to 77 nm layer thickness), depending on the type of greasy impurity and roughness of the base material, the range can be freely adjusted to a layer thickness of up to approx. 4 – 10 μm
Maximum voltage: 9V DC
Battery: built-in Li-Ion 3.7V / 3,400 mAh, endurance 700 detections without recharging (depending on exposure time)
Battery charging: with USB-Mini max. 500 mA
Hardware required: PC / laptop / tabletPC with Windows 7/8/10, not for Android and Mac

Supplied software: Recognoil® PRO – desktop application for MS Windows for operation, setup, evaluation and data management
Device weight: 356 g