Probius Micro – 3D Laser Scanner for Internal Cylindrical Profile Measurement

PROBIUS MICRO is a Laser Scanner with optical measurement head, fixtures and supporting rings which allows to scan a profile of internal surface of small and extra small cylindrical pipes having Internal Diameter from 20 mm onwards. Length of pipes / cylindrical objects can be of any length upto 10 meters or more.


Measurement head have on-board a rotating laser scanner and encoder. It combines the sensors data to get the full 360 ̊ cross-sectional profile of the cylindrical pipe or stator.


The Measurement head is moved along the pipe manually using a telescopic rod. Measurement results are displayed on a PC in real time.


This laser scanner scans profile of inner surface and measures Inner diameter, Ovality, Out-of-roundness and Straightness.


Accuracy of measurement is 5 microns.


Using straightness option, 3D Map can be generated and can be exported to any software which accepts XYZ file format.




  • non-contact laser 3D scanning
  • laser alignment


Quality and geometric dimensions check during production as well as periodic inspection.

  • Smooth and Profiled pipes
  • Stators and etc


The instrument allows for measurement of:

  • Inner diameter
  • Ovality
  • Out-of-roundness
  • Straightness *)

The instrument scans profile of inner surface and performs:

  • Surface anomalies detection
  • Сalculation of the deviation from the shape
  • Сalculation of the geometric dimensions of the profile of the inner surface

The system performs laser-alignments using integrated PSD sensor and external laser emitter