GelSight Mobile™ – 3D Surface Imaging System

GELSIGHT MOBILE™ is a 3D Surface Imaging System which precisely visualizes and measures the 3D topography of any surface, revealing microscopic structures that are difficult to see under ordinary circumstances. The instrument can be used on any material (Metal, Glass, Carbon Fiber) or any surface (Reflective, Transparent) regardless of its optical properties due to GelSight’s Elastomeric Sensor.


GELSIGHT MOBILE™ is used to improve quality control processes in Aerospace, Automotive and many other Industries. GelSight’s proprietary technology provides extremely detailed and rapid surface measurements through an Elastomeric Sensor Technology invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -USA.


GELSIGHT MOBILE™ software is capable of Image Capturing (scanning), Calibration, 3D Reconstruction, 3D Rendering, 3D View(3D surface topography), XY Rulers for direct distance measurement, Profile function(The profile function allows the User to directly access the Z altitude along a User Selectable Line), Offset function (The offset function is used to measure the height difference between 2 different zones of a profile) and Average Roughness Error (Ra).





HANDHELD : Measure anywhere. Easy to use in the field or lab or in production area.
NON-DESTRUCTIVE : Proprietary Elastomeric Sensor.
FIELD OF VIEW : Larger field of view (17×14 mm) for better image capture.
PRECISE : Detailed and reliable micron level 3D measurements.
RAPID : 3D Measurements and data file created within seconds of capture.
VERSATILE : Measure any material (The materials can be transparent, highly reflective, translucent or opaque, such as metals, composites, glass, plastics, fabrics, leather, diamonds, wood, human skin, and many more).
HIGHLY-ACCURATE : Quantitative 3D data for entire surface vs. 2D.
COST-SAVING : Reduces waste/scrap and non-quality costs and capital need for inventory.
IMPROVES : Throughput and productivity for high-cost parts; enhances documentation/audit trail of data for later reference.




AEROSPACE: To inspect more parts of the engine without decommissioning and analyze scratches, surface roughness, corrosion, solder joints and defects.
MRO: To inspect surface defects before and after the maintenance, repair and overhaul.
AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: To inspect of defects in Engine parts, Brake disc analysis, Texture analysis, Fabric weave, Camshaft defects groove fabric analysis and Scratches in paint work.
SMARTPHONE MANUFACTURING: To analyze defects on transparent materials such as glass touch screens.
ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY: A unique technology to control precise assembly between parts of different materials (glass, aluminum, plastic).
LEATHER INDUSTRY: To inspect the quality of leather.
TEXTILE INDUSTRY: To inspect the weaving structures of textiles.
MEDICAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING: To analyze transparent components.
FORENSIC: To analyze the fingerprints.
GLASS INDUSTRY: For measuring glasses, components or consumer electronics having high reflectivity.
MUSEUM: To analyze cultural relics.
RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTRES: For 3D surface inspection / analysis of any parts.
EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES: For 3D surface inspection / analysis of any parts.